BTW: I am (…co-…) CHAIR of the NCBA Patent Law Committee


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Gosh you look nice today! Nice weather we’re having, isn’t it? I heard Billy made honor roll, and that’s just wonderful to hear, since I thought he was a bit slo…oh…BY THE WAY:

For 2015-2016, I am a co-chair of the Patent Law Committee of the North Carolina Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Law Section.

What’s a fun way to refer to this honor? “Whatcha-think-’bout that? eh?”  “do you like… apples?” “pwnt!”? “+1up!” I’m not great at end zone dances either. Enough sass, here’s the breadcrumb for each sub-link from the NCBA homepage to the list of leadership positions where the “!” news can be verified:  “Home / Members / Sections / Intellectual Property Law / Leadership