NCBA (really me) secures USPTO roadshow at NCCU, for November 6.

I am the NCBA IP section patent law committee cochair. I have secured a US PTO roadshow for November 6. North Carolina is the first venue that the patent office has agreed will be a part of the three-venue enhanced patent quality initiative road show series for fall 2015. It will appear at North Carolina Central University Law school, which has unparalleled live telecommunications. Between NCC use large classrooms and it’s ability to offer live virtual presence of remote speakers, patent law presentation headliners like Tom Irving , and dep. commissioners and TC directors. Check back for $/CLE info.

By the way, because the event is so late-breaking, we weren’t able to include it in the most recent CLE bulletin. So tell your friends. We are going to be hyping this like crazy. The request for CLE credits is going into the State Bar today.