Office Hours reminder signs at the NCSU Technology Business Incubator.

I regularly hold office hours at the North Carolina State University technology business incubator, on Centennial campus. 

I periodically post reminder signs of my presence outside the meeting room that I use when I am here. I try to make them fun, and don’t hesitate to put them on my personal Facebook profile. I forget that they might hold promotional value on my Daniel Becker, attorney-at-law, PLC. Facebook page, as well as this website. Here are a few of my favorites.

 The last one is from today. 
In the near future, I may be giving office hours at HQ Raleigh. I also have done several seminars for the community college system and for the North Carolina business incubator association. It’s very fun. I’ve done the office hours once for the NCS you entrepreneurship initiative garage, and I hope I’ll get that opportunity again. Nothing is more gratifying in my job then being able to take an hour or so and provide dramatically more information about electro property then his been available to such brilliant students.