USPTO Private Pair’s new login method using Java Web Start authentication

Private Pair’s new login method using Java Web Start authentication (for the patent application information retrieval, electronic filing system-web systems) is a welcome change. The Applet makes it possible to use browsers which previously did not have Java enabled. Now I can continue to use Chrome without having to occasionally open Internet Explorer, just for the purpose of Accessing those systems.

Similarly successful is another job applicant for processing payments and fees, available in the last steps of filing documents via EFS-web.


More details are listed below, from the PAIR announcements page on
ADVISORY (11Oct2016) EFS-Web and Private PAIR: Interim Authentication Solution Update and Java Reminder

As a reminder, EFS-Web and Private PAIR users should have the latest Java 8 version(link is external), which is needed for the current authentication Java Applet.

On October 24th, a new interim authentication method using Java Web Start will be available to provide access to EFS-Web and Private PAIR. You must have Java 8 to use the new Java Web Start authentication method. The interim authentication solution provides a new, plug-in-free option for users to authenticate, and will expand browser options until a new permanent solution is in place. While you can continue to authenticate using the existing method (Java Applet), you will be given an option to utilize the new method.

This interim solution uses Java Web Start technology, allowing users to authenticate into EFS-Web and Private PAIR utilizing their current digital certificate. The new option will provide users more flexibility in browser choice as it reduces the dependency on the Java Applet plug-in. Digital Certificate Management (DCM) tools will also be supported on Java Web Start in a subsequent release.

A new permanent authentication method is currently under development. For additional information regarding these authentication methods, please visit EFS-Web/PAIR System Requirements.

If you have questions, please contact the Patent EBC at (866) 217-9197 or send an email to