FB live: Gear Shift Optimization presentation (link to the recorded video)

My video and comment on the Hotshoe Instruments presentation to 1 million Cups on January 5th.
My comment on the video at the link:

“Gemi [Hartojo], thank you! I also commented on the video:

(My contact info (fb, twitter, etc) is included, btw. Had a great time giving my presentation on January 5!
It was so nice to get to talk about my invention (gearshift optimization Gauge) , and my new venture to promote and produce it (hot shoe instruments). There was excellent feedback, and people were very enthusiastic about what I’m trying to do with the invention.
Here’s some contact info about how people can learn more about me, and I’ll be posting more info about Hotshoe Instruments and the invention shortly.





Youtube: (search for BeckerPatentDOTcom) (I’ll come back with a link)

Or directly contact at:


Danbeckr@gmail.com or


1MC is great! It’s like a sort of ~ Guppy Tank~ for RTP startups! Thank you! ”