PEEQ presents its QBall throwable microphone

Shane Cox of PEEQ Technologies, presented its QBall throwable microphone today, to 1 million cups RTP, at The Frontier.


Shane visited many public school classroom and noticed that classes often use a “talking turn” object to prevent students from talking over one another. While this is not a new strategy, it has recently become much more popular because of increasing class sizes. The QBall is a particularly throwable, soft ball to especially promote this usage, but not just for students, but in other environments where engagement and interaction could be fostered, like 1 million cups itself! See the second video to see it in action today, during q&a. Containing a sophisticated microphone, which includes a system to turn off the microphone when thrown, and automatically turning itself off to preserve battery life, the qball solves many problems that simply couldn’t be contemplated without the challenges encountered by trying to provide such a device before.

They let me do a mic-drop. See the third video.


“Qball – Throwable Wireless Microphone 

Why a throwable microphone, you ask? The Qball is a fun and dynamic way to engage and interact with your audience, whether that audience is a bunch of fans at a comic book expo, a room full of third graders, or your boss on the other end of that video conference. The fun doesn’t stop there, think Corporate Training, Youth Groups, Concerts, Churches, Video Production, and even Karaoke. With the Qball everyone can Be A Part Of It.”