Patented Prototypes at the beach!

I just picked up some of my client’s prototypes for his patented combination throwing game target and chair apparatus. It’s a cornhole board set that folds into chairs when you’re not using it. Subsequent refinements will make it a more premium product.

The brilliance of this invention is that corn hole is a game played standing up, and between games, players want to sit down. So during breaks, the corn hole boards are used, and chairs have to be separately brought to the site of the game. Likewise, The chair is go unused while the game is in play. Having the chairs incorporated into the corn hole board mean that the corn hole boards illuminate the need for extra chairs, and you also don’t have to worry about someone else taking your seat while you’re playing.

The inventor is John Janeri of Moncure, North Carolina. In addition to inventing and making beautiful and/ or useful things, John is an independent contractor for federal regulation compliance. His company is Compliance House, Inc. More information about Compliance House, Inc. is at the bottom of the page.

After I told John that I was going to our annual family reunion on the North Carolina coast (specifically Sunset Beach, North Carolina this year), I offered to to promote them while using them on the beach at Sunset. We might collect some orders and feedback to generate some numbers useful to pitch the invention to raise investment and finding manufacturing partners.

We figure that’ll be an especially good weekend for exposing the invention to public opinion because of the eclipse coming on Monday night. Sunset Beach and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (only 30-45 minutes away) are close to the trajectory that the eclipse will traverse across the continental United States, and we ought to experience more than 98% eclipse of the sun.


I only expected to stop for a few minutes to pick up the prototypes, but we somehow ended up discussing satellite trajectory and GPS signals. Formerly of Texas Instruments, and holding degrees in computer science and mathematics, any conversation with John can segue into delightful discussion of any number of technical matters, just as easily expressed as details of his various innovative projects. It’s not often that I get to have a genuinely fun conversation that includes Laplace transforms and low-pass filters.


About Compliance House: from the website:

“Compliance house provides clients with consulting on FDA regulatory compliance and interpretation issues,” and “specializes in assisting companies with all aspects of FDA Regulations, including 21 CFR Part 11, Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Clinical Practices, Good Laboratory Practices, and Quality Systems Regulations for Medical Device Manufacturers.”

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