1. Why “Private pair login” is amusing.

[Continued from the prior post “Private pair login subcombination.” This post explains why I thought it was funny to find out why the terms “Private pair login” were 3 of the 4 most searched terms for websites with similar content to mine.]

… First, the one that I thought was most amusing: “private pair login“ refers to the patent office says patent application information retrieval system. There is a public version and a private version.

The Private version is “private” because you have to have a “customer number“ customer number is the login criteria that you can acquire, in order to file a patent application, or, I suppose, just be someone who would like to access the system with the customer number… But isn’t filing a patent application for some reason.

I have no idea what the value is to someone who isn’t filing an application… namely, Patent attorneys who are filing application electronically all the time. Perhaps patent data searching companies, too, but then I’m not sure why they wouldn’t just know to type https://ppair.uspto.gov or have it bookmarked, or have a tool which Access is that system without requiring googling.

The upshot of this phrase being (3 of the top 4) most googled terms means that the most popular term search for with regards to patents are the terms that you need to enter in order to find the federal government’s electronic records and submissions page. Which (primarily) only attorneys will be accessing.

So… using these terms which were identifies as being ones that would increase my traffic would likely only put my site in front of people who are looking for the federal government only, and who have no logical interest in trying to find me. Also, it may mean that my peers apparently don’t know where to go for something they are supposed to be using almost every day.

If you’re looking for a patent attorney, I suggest you make note of the fact that the one writing this article knows exactly where to go and has it bookmarked, and doesn’t need Google in order to figure out how to file your work.

That may be the smallest brag I’ve ever typed.