United States Patent Applications

Pre-filing, Preparation, and Filing

  • Patentability Search and Oral Opinion
  • Patentability Search and Written Opinion/ Opinion Letter

Provisional Applications for Patent

Non-Provisional Patent Application Preparation

  • Mechanical Arts
  • Electromechanical Arts
  • Electrical Arts
  • Computer Software Arts
  • Biotechnology Arts
  • Formal Patent Figure Image drafting for Utility patent applications
  • CAD modeling services, price per # models/ distinct embodiments

Prosecution of Patent Applications / Representation of Applicants to the USPTO

  • Preparation and submission of Information Disclosure Statement
  • Response to Restriction Requirement
  • Preliminary/ Supplemental Amendment
  • Office Action Response
  • Appeal Brief

United States Patent Applications, Miscellaneous Matters:

  • Prepare and Record Assignment
  • Docket Maintenance Fee
  • Docket Issue Fee
  • Respond to Notice to File Missing Parts

Design Patent Applications, including figures

Foreign Patent Applications:

  • Prepare and File PCT Application
  • Prepare and File National Stage 371 Application
  • Instruct Foreign Associate to File National Stage Application


  • Search and Opinion
  • Prepare and File Application for Trademark
  • Office Action Responses

Figure/ graphics/ prototyping services, independent of preparation of any specific legal service:

  • Drawings
  • Patent Figure drafting
  • CAD modeling directly or assistance/ guidance, (AutoDesk Inventor,Google Sketchup, Fusion 360, 123D Design, OnShape)
  • CAD, alternatively-available to provide at reasonable and appropriate degree and cost, via
    • Solidworks
    • OnShape Professional
    • 3D printing
      • small scale directly/ preferred third party
      • assistance/ guidance to clients doing their own printing/ prototyping
      • coordination/ preparation/ planning with additional 3rd party 
      • 3d scanning

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