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Here’s what I care about in my practice: doing good legal work. By which I mean patent consultations, trademark consultations, copyright consultations, filings for patent filings for trademarks and depositing copyrights. 

But I also mean,  being a part of the RTP and Raleigh and Carrie and wake forest and Apex and Clayton and Dunn and  Fayetteville and central North Carolina patent and entrepreneurs community. 

And being intellectual property attorney, of course, I want to file trademark applications and file patent applications and help people draft patent applications and help people realize the best mode and other embodiments of their invention. 

I’m here for your education as to antecedent basis, novelty, usefulness, New matter, specifications, filing idea (information disclosure statement), restrictions, design patents, utility patents, plant patents, mechanical inventions, biological inventions, biomedical inventions, another subject matter in software and information technology and methods of doing business and methods of manufacturing, and chemical patents and helping you figure out just what to do with a mere idea. 

In order to do that, I help my clients and prospective applicants for patent figure out their filing strategy, and their budget, and their timeline, which includes deciding whether to file a provisional application or non-provisional application, or whether and office action reply to achieve their goals, or whether they should file internationally,  and if they started out filing internationally, how to do a national stage application in order to enter prosecution in the United States before the USPTO, the United States patent and trademark office.

I conduct examiner interviews and submit filing fees, and I help formulate and send cease-and-desist letters, and I respond to cease-and-desist letters (sometimes we call them nasty grams). I make myself available to help potential patent litigants begin their litigation by finding a patent attorney that is also a patent litigator. 

Did I mention that I do this in Raleigh, central North Carolina, RTP, Durham, Fayetteville, Apex, Cary, Gardner, Wendell, Kinston, because I am both a North Carolina attorney and a registered patent practitioner and patent attorney? I was even a patent examiner before that. Patent Patent. Patent. Application. And other SEO helping words that don’t help produce a cogent sentence. Let alone claim language.
And to keep myself current, I like to peruse and I also do patent figure drafting and engineering assessments, because I am a mechanical engineer who has often found people who do these individual services, outside of being a patent attorney in RTP in Raleigh, to be lacking, sometimes.  Did I mention that I do electrical inventions and software inventions and wireless device Inventions? 

But do you know what I don’t do? Specialize in 


Because that’s just generally what a lawyer should not spend his time on. 

Clearly someone who is gifted it that is spending more time on it than I do. Meaning that they are not as frequently working around-the-clock to make themselves better attorneys and go the extra mile for their clients. 

I noticed that my instinct to only produce valuable and interesting content for my website was preventing me from doing the sorts of short-attention-span blogging which nobody really reads, but which gets results in Google and Bing. Maybe I’ll try my hand at fake news. 

Someone who is very good in this sort of blasé devil-May-care content creation pointed out to me that what I need to do is create posts that include valuable keywords several times, so that the bots are able to notice that I am providing valuable content. And by valuable, of course they mean frequent and mindless, but strategically worded.
I dictated every single word of this in my car, so that I wouldn’t have to make myself look at producing a useless document. A Stream of conscious task, but it is at least accurate. I do all of these things. And in the end, I guess you got a huge list of all the little tasks that I do, or at least quite a few of them. 

So, chew on that. I hope it was helpful. I apologize for my tone. I don’t take wastes of time lightly, but this is the sort of thing that’s necessary to make sure good clients still come to me, even if I am too busy doing good work for my clients, as opposed to producing bad articles for prospect of clients. 

If you’d like to be more impressed with me, I highly recommend you go and read “how do I get a patent?” Also, be sure to go look at all the pages describing the services that I provide. To RTP in Raleigh and central North Carolina and wake forest and Garner and Jerome and Cary, etc.
Have a great day. And thanks for reading. Assuming you were able to find this.

I’ll make this a blog post, too. 

Here you go.